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Flat Saw 

Flat saw is the most commonly used diamond cutting method used to cut horizontal installations of concrete which are referred to as “slabs.” Typically, a flat saw is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as pavement, floors, driveways, bridge decks, and more. They are operated by one person and can cut as deep at 24 inches. Flaw saw is most commonly used to remove damaged pavement sections, repair concrete cracks, provide expansion joints, and remove concrete for demolition purposes.

Hand Saw 

Hand saws are lightweight hydraulic powered saws that are small enough to fit in the tight areas where larger saws may not be able to fit. Hand saws can safely and efficiently cut concrete, bricks, pipes, manholes and much more. Though they are smaller, they provide great portability, accessibility, and quickness on job sites and are most useful for inside jobs.

Core Drilling 

At A & M Concrete Cutting we have a plethora of experience in concrete core drilling. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to excellence, offering our clients high-quality professional services that you can depend on from start to finish. The process of core drilling involves removing the core of a material from the floor, walls, or ceilings of a building. This can be useful for an array of services such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. We are dedicated to our trade and take the safety of our team, work site, and clients very seriously. That being said, we utilize a wet cutting method which prevents the release of harmful silica in the air which can cause major health concerns for those in and around the work site. Whether you have a small residential job or a large scale commercial job, we have a variety of drill bits fit for a wide range of jobs.